MTGAIA VIII > 05.11.21 - 14.01.22 / Postgasse 2

Julian Marcel Feritsch (born in Heidelberg, Germany) lives and works in Vienna. He graduated from the University of Fine Arts Vienna, where he studied at the textual sculpture department with Heimo Zobernig.
Working mainly in sculpture, his practice is examining the use and misuse of materials and how these processes provide possibilities in which way forms or things are shaped, subsist and come undone. Based on the idea that forms are fundamentally a means of understanding and finding identity, his work seems to be visually imitative, using functional aesthetic codes or can be traced back to classical artistic approaches. While he often starts from inconspicuous constellations of form in the creative process, his search for barely perceptible imprints of our reality focuses all the more on making visible the invisible driving forces with which the objects seem to control everyday life. In doing so, he follows several associative paths and both, in his pictorial work as well as in his sculptures, creates narrative spaces through a collage-like, deconstructive process that makes his interest in classical sculptural questions about balance, weight, materiality, and corporeality as the effect of the body in space offensively recognizable. Between these unusual formations and their dissolution, flatness and plasticity, furniture fragments, references to art history and found everyday objects always enter into an uncommon liaison in his works.

For the exhibition "PUSTE" Julian Marcel Feritsch has developed a new series of sculptures for a space related installation.
The exhibition will be accompanied by an artist’s text.

pics © Studio Fjeld