MTGAIA VII > 23.08. - 22.10.21 / Postgasse 2

Katrin Froschauer und Valentin Backhaus präsentieren vom 23.08. - 22.10.2021 "Splitting The Unknown" im MTGAIA.

«It’s impossible to fully understand photography in its dazzling circle of luminosity. The series „Splitting the Unknown“ sheds light on photography from two opposite directions. Heavy shadows, doom and gloom, intrusive or extrusive, surge into a brightly lit picturesque space. Without light, there is no shadow. This interstice, gracefully upholding a wisp of cactus, a clump of stones, a girl, and a deep blue sky above them all, became the oases in which a cheerful journey is in play; a play of transition, perplexities, blunders, reveries, and the hard reality.»

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